Our BTS Program

B E   A   P A R T   O F   O U R   S U C C E S S 

Over 28 years in the industry and serving countless business customers nationwide, is the premier destination for the best selection of art and frames. We invite you to be a part of this success and to expand the horizon of your business.



One-Stop Solution for Framed Art and Printing Services

We bring 100,000 art collections from around the world right to your fingertips. With over 70 art subjects and 5000 artists, we want you to know that with so many resources, this is an absolute solution for your wall décor and business needs. Our Photos-to-Art service provides you with unlimited print sizes, phenomenal print quality, and handful finishing options just for your printing needs.


Variety, Variety, and Variety

There are just a handful of varieties in what we offer to finish your art with. The wide range of our framing collections, variety of art types, various print materials, and lamination film finishing are just the few options how you can have your art finish with. There's no need of buying art and its finishes separately, now you have it all in one powerful platform.


Comfortable and Convenient

Taking care of wall décor without ever stepping out of your office. From picking the art that interest you and having it delivered to your store or project, we're here to provide you that ultimate comfort. We make sure that you can escape the conventional hassle of checking or negotiating art or frame prices because we're just 100% transparent about it. Compare art, print, or finishes prices in real-time and work around your budget!

Quick Turnover, No Inventory & Minimum Order

Art-on-Demand is clearly the future of art and framing industry. The word "on-demand" really means buying or acquiring product based on your current demand. Your demand might fluctuate over time because it relies on your business' needs. Sometimes you might need a room full of framed art and prints, sometimes one piece is just enough. There is no need of going the traditional way of stocking-up in giant warehouses, you can order as little as one piece of art and we'll still charge you with that discounted wholesale price! We want you to get more revenues, thousands of product varieties, but with affordable cost. How awesome is that?


Pay Less, Earn More

To make the most out of your business means to get more by paying less! CVS, which is short for Credit Value System, is a prepaid payment method available exclusively for our Business and Trade Program partners. It's safe, convenient, reliable, and affordable. What it does is giving you retail shopping experience and its benefits, but with a wholesale price! When you sign-up as our Business and Trade partner, you will be given access to see our CVS pricing options and the ability to purchase them. So every time you're logged in to your account and make transactions, your CVS will always be available at checkout as one of the payment methods. Don't worry we'll keep an eye of your remaining balance and you can always Top-up your CVS anytime. CVS has no expiration or limits, use it as much as you want or keep them as long as you want!


Who Should Be Our Partner?

  • Interior Design Professionals and Architects
  • Custom Frame Shop
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Professional Photographer and Photo Studio
  • Art Gallery
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Furniture and Home Decor Store
  • Event Organizer
  • Advertising Agency
  • Small or Big-Scale Retailer
  • And many others....


If you still have more question or want us to visit your company, you can reach us at (62) 21 531 20907 or email us at Please tell the agent or reference in the email that you are calling regarding's Business and Trade Program.

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