"Art that is made to fit and follow your needs and style." 

Our Art-on-Demand products are specifically designed for those with extraordinary taste in life. With Art-on-Demand, we give you the freedom to choose the art that you love, from its size, material, and to the finishing that you want. A truly fulfilling shopping experience with limitless options for your wall decor.


  100,000+ Fine Art Print Collections 

We bring you some of the world's best art collections to your fingertips. With more than 100,000 of fine art print collections, we are in to change the landscape of Indonesia's art prints industry. From world's famous museum fine art paintings to curated modern photography, we got you well covered.


  100% Licensed Art Prints 

When shopping our Art-on-Demand prints you can rest assure that all of the art prints are 100% fully licensed and protected by international law. We keep the originality by not changing or modifying any of the artist's original work. So, whatever you see, that's what you will get!


  Functional Categorization and Filtering Tool 

For many people choosing the right art can be confusing and frustrating sometimes. Our Art-on-Demand collection is divided into three specific browse categories: By Subjects, Artists, or Rooms. If you're new to the website, we encourage to start browsing our collection by Subjects. There are 71 subjects to choose from and each individual art is associated with one. You can also browse by Artists' names for more specific search. Our filter tool also helps to refine your search by sorting the collection based on its publisher, artist's name or subjects, orientation, and colors.


  Unlimited Size 

The highlight of Art-on-Demand is unlimited sizing possibilities. Everyone's wall size is different, so should your art be. Here we give you the freedom to choose the art size you want all the way down to the centimeters. Our size calculator tool will make sure that your art is still in the right proportion and excellent resolution. This is how the future of art-shopping should be.


  Designed by You 

Over many years of experience in this industry, the most valuable lesson we learn is that our customer loves originality. When it comes to buying a piece of art, they love to engage with their personal touch in designing the finishes. Art-on-Demand gives you so many varieties and options for your art's finishes.  You can choose from custom framing, gallery stretched canvas, decograph, triptych (3-panel splits), or just the print only. We make sure your personal touch can always be embraced.


  Printing Technology 

Your art prints will be printed with Murigo Art's archival EPA-rated "green" inks for unrivaled color quality. Our advanced large format color printer is designed for vibrant fine art giclee print creation. The 12-color archival pigment ink set emphasizes the use of red ink, which allows for incredibly vibrant and eye-catching prints to be produced while providing benefits such as scratch resistance.


  Cost and Time Efficient 

Taking care of your wall décor without ever stepping out of your living space. From choosing the art you want to having it delivered to your doorstep, we're here to give you comfort. Our Art-on-Demand make sure that you can escape the conventional hassle of checking or negotiating art prices because we're 100% transparent about it.  Find the artwork suitable to your budget by comparing prices of different art and finishes in real-time. 


  Send It Anywhere 

Whether you're in Jakarta, Medan, Bali, Surabaya, or even Singapore, it doesn't matter because you can send your art anywhere. We partner with JNE for all of domestic shipping and DHL for international. If you're buying our art in bulk or large quantities, we do have expedition drop-off option where you can have us send the items to your preferred expedition company and let them take care the rest. For those who live in Jakarta, you can save shipping cost by picking up your art in our nearest stores.


So, what are you waiting for?  Start Shopping

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